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Swaziland – D42 Mbadlane to Sikhuphe

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DELTABLOC®️ DB 100 SeriesDELTABLOC®️ DB 100 F-shapeH1 W2

DELTABLOC South Africa worked in a JV with Inyatsi Construction to produce close to 12km of 1m high precast concrete barriers on the road to the new Sikhuphe airport.

The JV was a special relationship where Inyatsi, the main contractor, was responsible for providing all the labour and materials. DELTABLOC SA provided the moulds, a crane, turning device, generator, the Intellectual property and training to be able to cast barriers.

This type of relationship with the contractor reduces costs (especially that of transportation) as barriers can be produced on site.

Swaziland D42 DB100 F-shape H1 W2
Swaziland D42 DB100 F-shape H1 W2