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Road safety is a very complex issue. We believe that this is precisely why solutions are needed that can guarantee protection in the simplest possible way. STEELBLOC® Prodigy steel guardrails therefore set new standards in terms of design and installation. Unlike conventional steel guardrails, only one type of post is used with one pile-driving depth for all essential applications. This eliminates complexity. Fewer components and screw connections also contribute to simplification and time savings during installation.

STEELBLOC® steel guardrails secure the central reserve or verge and are crash tested in accordance with EN 1317. PRODIGY S is available in construction heights of 75 and 90 cm fulfilling the restraint classes N2, H1 and H2. The PRODIGY C bridge system is anchored on concrete and fulfils the restraint classes N2, H1, H2 and H4b. With STEELBLOC® we take road safety to a new level.

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