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DB 120 Series

Permanent concrete safety barriers

The new benchmark for concrete safety barriers

The DELTABLOC® DB 120 series of precast concrete safety barriers sets a new benchmark for safety barriers and covers all applications for H4b containment level. The groundbreaking technology Zero Debris Concrete makes concrete safety barriers even more safe, as it eliminates the hazard of detached concrete parts even on heavy impacts. Zero Debris Concrete makes safety barriers incredibly robust – no breakouts, no detached parts, no debris up to containment level H4b. Depending on the application, the barriers can be installed surface mounted, pile driven, pinned or anchored. All DB 120 barriers are fully CE-certified and tested in accordance with EN 1317. They are covering all applications of modern highway design and are suitable for central reserve, verge and bridge applications. Through SafeLink® transitions they can be connected seamlessly to other DELTABLOC® barrier series as well as many other third‑party systems. The DB 120 series with zero detached parts – the unbreakable safety concept especially for bridges or the central reserve.

Product Portfolio of the DB 120 Series

DB 120SDB 120S-FDB 120S-PDB 120S-A
Installation MethodSurface mounted
Installation without anchors
Pile driven (F)
Ram pin is rammed into gravel surface
Pinned (P)
Patented pin is used on an asphalt surface
Anchored (A)
Anchor bolt is used on a concrete surface
Performance ClassH4b W5H4b W3H4b W2 | H4b W3H4b W2
Foundation SurfaceAsphaltGravelAsphaltConcrete
ApplicationsCentral reserve, verge, bridgeCentral reserve, vergeCentral reserve, vergeCentral reserve, verge, bridge
EN 1317
EN 1317
EN 1317
EN 1317
All product typesAll product typesAll product typesAll product types