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From concrete safety barriers to temporary work zone barriers, DELTABLOC® is the leading supplier in the industry with impressive product diversity and specialist expertise. Innovative products and safety at the highest level make us a reliable national operating partner. All DELTABLOC® safety barriers are tested in accordance with EN 1317 at reputable, accredited and certified test institutes. Thus far, we have conducted more than 320 crash tests proving the effectiveness of our product range and making roads safer nationwide. For 20 years now, we have been doing our utmost to create a safe environment for all road users. That is why we are the number one in road safety.

All our solutions come in the form of precast concrete barriers with special patent technology & specific reinforcement configurations that help our barriers perform to many different specifications and provide safety for road users.

The DELTABLOC® South Africa product portfolio

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Precast concrete safety barriers

The DELTABLOC®️ series of precast concrete safety barriers are extremely versatile covering all applications and containment levels. Depending on the application, DELTABLOC®️ barriers can be installed surface mounted, pile driven, pinned, anchored or embedded.

The DELTABLOC®️ temporary workzone precast concrete safety range of barriers are designed with the same stringent crash-tested technology as their permanent counterparts, offering vital workzone protection.

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Premium steel guardrails

STEELBLOC®️ steel guardrails secure the central reserve or verge and are crash tested in accordance with EN 1317.

Unlike conventional steel guardrails, only one type of post is used with one pile-driving depth for all essential applications. This eliminates complexity. Fewer components and screw connections also contribute to simplification and time savings during installation.