Each page under this topic covers vital information relating to Vehicle Restraint Systems

Crash Testing vs Simulations – an article discussing the differences between the results of actual crash tests and computer simulations, and how their results differ. (Article Pending)

2014 Construction Regulations – an article discussing how the new regulations effect how we choose our vehicle restrain systems.

Permanent Systems – an article discussing the option for permanent vehicle restraint systems. (currently being written)

Safety us a Choice – a discussion about the choices being made in the South African context  with regard to specification of vehicle restraint systems

Guardrail – an article looking at the history of Guardrail, the standards and testing that has been done. (currently being written)

Specifying Temporary Barriers – an article on good practice when specifying vehicle restraint systems for temporary applications.

Containment Level and Working Width – A simple explanation of these principles. (Article Pending)