Delta Bloc Engineers Safety for Southern Africa

Delta Bloc South Africa (DB-SA) is a joint venture operation between Delta Bloc International (DBI) and local South African companies. Delta Bloc started in Austria in the 1980s and has progressed to remain at the forefront of concrete barrier technology world-wide. To date our investment in product development includes the completion of over 100 actual crash tests for normal, high and very high containment levels. DBI holds direct investment, joint venture operations and license partner agreements operates operating in 32 countries in Europe, and also in Russia, Ukraine and Australia. Delta Bloc South Africa draws on its many partners experience and international know how to ensure our products are on par with international safety standards and product quality.

Delta Bloc was initially introduced to the South African market as a license partner with Highway Safety Products, who had many years of experience in South Africa with a variety of road safety products. Delta Bloc temporary barriers are still rented to construction projects by Highway Safety Products.

Delta Bloc’s temporary barriers are the only concrete temporary barrier systems in South Africa to meet the SABS standard SANS 51317.

Following the success of Delta Bloc’s temporary barriers in the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP), Delta Bloc branched out from their license partner to focus on Delta Bloc as the Primary product in Southern Africa, to ensure unbending quality control, and introduce the full product range including permanent barriers systems and provide a wider range of safety barrier systems to all customers.

Delta Bloc South Africa offers real engineering solutions for optimal safety, best life cycle cost and quality road infrastructure asset management.